• Athlete Strength Conditioning

  • Luke Fitness designs and coaches highly individualized athlete strength and conditioning programs ro build strength, endurance, speed, and to prevent injuries.

    We view this formula as:

    1. Core strength: Your athletic base and foundation
    2. Mobility and agility: Improvement of movement
    3. Power and strength: Overwhelm the competitors
    4. Speed and explosiveness: Output power in bursts
    5. Endurance: Improve stamina to outwork the competitors
    6. Injury prevention: Safeguard joints, ligaments, and muscles

    Body conditioning increases your strength, speed, endurance or any other physical attribute. Conditioning workouts can trim fat, increase muscle tone and prepare your body for the rigors of sports.

    STRENGTH TRAINING TIP:  Luke Connell Fitness trainers encourage using full range of motion for strength training. We want you to prioritize moving through a full range of motion. For example, lower all the way to the floor when performing push-ups, and when performing rows, don't stop until you've pulled as far as you can. There are specific instances in which someone might want to add some partial range of motion exercises to their routine. However, performing an exercise with a full range of motion trains a greater percentage of a given muscle's fibers compared to performing the same exercise with a partial range of motion. That means more calories burned and muscle gained.

  • Muscle Conditioning

    One of the main aspects of a body-conditioning exercise is how it affects your muscle tissues. All conditioning exercises include some form of movement or resistance or weight training. As this resistance is placed on the muscles, microscopic tears develop in the tissues, activating cells that build up the muscle tissues and conditioning the muscle group for similar exercise movements in the future.

    Strength training for beginners is a good way to learn the basics of proper weight lifting techniques and the best strength training exercises for specific muscle groups. Strength training workouts require a different rhythm and approach from aerobic workouts. Our personal trainers will show you how to get maximum results from your time in the gym.

    Personal strength training with athletic trainers is the best way to get ready for your favorite sport or activity, or you can do strength training just to improve your physique. Whether you need strength training for beginners or you are a professional bodybuilder, we have personal trainers who design a custom workout to ensure you meet your goal.  Personal trainers are there not only to guide you, but also to give you support and encouragement.

    Let us design sport specific team and individual training to improve athletic for performance professional, collegiate and high school sports teams and athletes.

  • Heart Conditioning

    Strength training also directly impacts the heart. When Luke Fitness designs your personalized conditioning program, your skeletal muscles will be conditioned, but we need to ensure your heart muscle is also conditioned.

    When you exercise regularly, the need for energy in your body increases. For new energy to be created, oxygen needs to be available in your bloodstream. To transport this oxygen, your heart beats faster, speeding up the delivery of both oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Like any muscle, the harder the heart muscle works, the stronger it becomes. This increase in strength translates to the heart not having to work as hard to pump blood throughout your body.

    2013 research in the Journal of Applied Physiology demonstrates that people who regularly strength train have better-functioning HDL, or good cholesterol, compared with those who never pump iron. Strength training improves blood pressure and triglyceride levels similarly to cardiovascular exercise, but it has even greater benefits on HDL. And 2015 research published in The Lancet medical journal shows that grip strength (a marker for total-body muscle health) more accurately predicts death from heart disease than blood pressure does.

  • Lung Conditioning

    Lung capacity is what lets you go up stairs without getting out of breath, or increase the resistance on a stationary bike. It also helps you lift more weight and recover faster between intervals. Lung capacity can actually make or break your training. If you are an athlete you must have high oxygen lung capacity.  High oxygen uptake improves endurance, improves brain health, increases alertness and reaction time, and decreases drowsiness.

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