• Pre-Wedding Workouts

  • Your wedding day will be here soon, and you will want to be in the best shape possible. Staying motivated and keeping up with a routine can be difficult, especially when you add the stress of planning a wedding. Why not call Luke Connell Fitness and enroll your wedding party or your future wife/husband in a small group workout?

    If you want to lose a little bit of weight or feel healthier before your wedding day, it’s important to start as early as possible (at least six months in advance of your date) so that you don’t feel the pressure to do two-a-days or skimp on eating closer to the date. Remember to always approach exercise and eating habits in a healthy and balanced way.

    Once your wedding day has come and gone, don’t give up your new exercise routine. Keep implementing it into your life, and keep involving your spouse. Keeping fit together is a great way to bond and stay happy and healthy.

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