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  • Simply put, Luke is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with. He truly cares about your fitness goals and strives to and SUCCEED in providing the best path for you to achieve those goals. YOU have to take the first step and I am certain you will not be disappointed.

    Tom K

  • Great trainers who are passionate about health and fitness. You know you've found a great person to guide you when trainers care more about your form, health, and personal goals than your credit card. Keep it up guys.

    John S

  • When I did my search for personal trainers on the Main Line area (I am in Bryn Mawr) , I knew I wanted to avoid places like LA fitness and those sort of gyms where there is little to no personal attention where you just pay to use the machines and that's it. I know for a fact many of their "personal trainers" are not even certified. I wanted a true certified trainer. After hours of extensive research, my instinct and gut feeling simply made me gravitate to Luke and I'm glad I did. I did my consultation with him and our workouts are perfect. He has been increasing the intensity of our workouts at an excellent pace. He pays attention to my form. I have seen major improvement in my endurance and ability to perform the exercises.

    Peter R

  • I had surgery on my ACL and my surgeon recommended Luke Connell to me. He worked with me prior to the surgery as well as after. My recover was faster than anticipated. I am getting stronger. Luke did a consult with my surgeon to ensure I was not going to be doing things that would re-injure my knee. Since this was my second ACL surgery, I needed it to last and I needed my muscles to be stronger to support my knee. I've also consulted with Luke on diet and nutrition, also a big help. I like that he has not only his Bachelors Degree, but also his Masters Degree in Exercise Science. I wanted a certified trainer who knew what he was doing. I want to be done with knee surgeries. So glad my surgeon recommended him. Excellent reputation.

    Thomas G

  • Luke is an amazing trainer and will work with you on any specific needs you have. I an a 65 year old former teacher and thankful that he comes to my home where I have my own equipment. I can tell that Luke is knowledgeable in the teaching area because he explains why we are doing workout. Very accommodating and makes sure that I progress in what is helpful for my lifestyle. I want to be fit, not muscular.

    Nancy A

  • So glad I did pre-surgery training with Luke Connell as well as the post-surgery personal training on my second ACL surgery. I fell down stairs and tore the ACL a second time. This time, I decided that surgery and recovery had to be different. I found Luke Connell through a physician friend. Luke accommodated my busy work schedule. Surgery was so much easier and recovery was amazing. Best thing I ever did. Highly recommend Luke Fitness to my business and personal friends.

    Thomas G

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