• Pre-Operative & Post-Operative Rehab

  • Pre-Operative Conditioning Reduces Post-Operative Rehabilitation Time

    Every client is different, and much of how we approach your pre-operative training depends on your condition when you come to us.  The healthier you are going into surgery, the quicker and easier your recovery will be. Do not stress your body with an overzealous jump into a fitness routine. Follow some simple guidelines:

    • Begin pre-habilitation at least six weeks prior to your surgery. A pre-habilitation program increases functioning and decreases pain so you can undergo surgery in optimum shape. The more you can do for yourself physically before surgery, the better off you will be after surgery.
    • Go home faster.
    • Increased strength and stamina will help your body immediately after surgery. You may even feel up for some walking and mild physical activity. After all, you have been working out already.
    • Many times, you will have requirements to meet before the hospital or surgical center will discharge you. You may have to walk a certain length, ascend or descend two or more stairs, and iuse the bathroom on your own. Those goals are more quickly reached by patients who participated in strengthening through a pre-habilitation program. This means shorter hospital stays.
    • Patients who pre-habilitated typically need less supervised physical therapy. This allows the option for out-patient, post-surgery rehabilitation, rather than your needing to reside at an in-patient rehabilitation facility.
    • Pre-habilitation provides an opportunity to take an active role in your surgical care. Rather than your waiting, take a pro-active approach. Prepare your body and your mind. The stress and nerves of a pending operation will be greatly relieved
    • Approach your surgery date as an event. Get yourself in top condition through exercise, diet, and good sleeping habits. More quickly and easily, your body will overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Through a pre-surgery exercise program, you may improve so drastically that surgery becomes unnecessary. It is quite possible.
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation

  • You are now post-operative and it is time to activate your post-surgery healing plan. Are you ready?

    Once you return home, exercise is still important to prevent complications and to build strength. This will help you to increase your activity level to what it was before surgery.

    Physical therapy with its focus on stretching and strengthening, and its routine nature is excellent preparation for making a commitment to fitness. Whether you are a seasoned athlete overcoming an injury or a senior citizen trying to regain mobility, surgery is usually the ultimate motivator for conditioning your body.

    Rehabilitation and physical therapy typically follow surgery. Skilled healthcare experts guide you along those initial post-operative days. The amount of sessions usually depends on your operative procedure, your progress, and maybe even your health insurance. When finished with physical therapy, you absolutely must keep moving forward without having to step back. We suggest:

    • Continue with your therapy program. Make the most of your time in rehab and physical therapy. Learn as much as you can about your “new” body, including any limitations and expectations. Use that information and your therapy exercises as a foundation for future fitness.
    • Slowly expand your workout to include other body parts.
    • A personal trainer can suggest techniques to take current movements to the next level and can also customize a full-body routine.
    • Get back into action and work areas beyond the troubled spot that you may have neglected.
    • During rehabilitation training, the area surrounding your incision or injury is the focus. By strengthening the opposing joints above and below, the traumatized area receives less stress from daily activity. This allows it to grow stronger and heal. For example, we tend to focus on strengthening your hips, feet, and ankles before knee surgery. This will give support to your weakened knee area so it can heal easier.

    Any surgical procedure is serious. It alters your body in so many ways and leaves you permanently changed. Statistics prove that 50 percent of your surgery outcome depends on your determination to improve. Decide that your surgical operation is the first step in a process that not only heals, but also inspires a healthier life for you.

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