• Small Group Fitness Training

  • CSCS Certified Trainers · Flexible Hours · Personalized Small Group Fitness Classes

    Small group fitness training is a unique blend of individualized personal training and high-energy group classes. Each fitness session focuses on a specialized format such as strength training, endurance, or core. Luke Fitness will use ropes, kettle bells, bars, TRX equipment and more encouraging individual progression and skill development.  Within small group workout sessions, we can correctly supervise movement and make little corrections along the way. Luke Connell has long been opposed to the “intensity without intelligence that often passes for workout instruction today.

    Small group fitness training is limited to 10 participants or fewer.  It will be fun, but still small enough to retain high quality training.

    As Certified Fitness Trainers, Luke Fitness is here to instruct you and guide. And this means we convey useful information along with our motivation. We are more than cheerleaders shouting “Great job!” after every single exercise.

    Wellness is for everyone – moms, grandparents, children, friends, family and co-workers. Whether you and your bridesmaids are trying to get fit for a wedding or party or you support employee wellness within your company, your business team wants to work better and be healthier.

  • Small Group Fitness Training Program Length

    The typical time-frame for most small group training programs would ideally be around four to six weeks. This is short enough for numerous people to commit without schedule conflicts, but is still long enough to see measurable progress.

    If you are looking for a small group marathon training program, the timeline could be eight to 10 weeks because the lead time to prepare for this goal is typically longer.

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